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EK Garden Pulling Puplinge the week after...

posted Sep 11, 2012, 9:29 AM by Jaap Struyk   [ updated Sep 13, 2012, 11:17 AM ]

On the 1st of September in the Swiss Puplinge, a village (very) close to the French border and close to Geneve, the EK Gardenpulling was held.

A two-day event that was held at the edge of the village, and that also contained other activities and demonstrations like furniture and also chainsaw competitions, several old tractors and implements, local snacks and a big party tent with music.

A lot of teams already arrived on Friday, most of them have put their material on the edge of the pulling area on an asphalted road. Tents, campers, caravans, trucks and a cozy atmosphere. Some teams travelled 1400 kilometers to be there!

The next day everyone was getting ready for the match. All of the tractors had to be ready in the part fermé, because they had to be inspected. When the sail was taken of the track some of the drivers were shocked, because there was no track at all?! The track still had to be made. It was intended that two tracks were made, one for the Swiss standard tractor competition and one for the garden pullers.

Because of the bad weather conditions before the event it turned out that the site was to bad to let the big tractors drive on Saturday. In Austria they use a non-selfdriving tow truck which was not useable on this site, because of that the garden pullers were the only one that drove that day.

On Saturday there were some threatening skies but thankfully it stayed dry the entire day, besides some rain drops. The match started later than expected and it took long because of the fierce battle that was fought in every class.

Thankfully the track was covered beforehand under a sail and because of that it didn't get to wet. The track ran down hill from the start 'till the end, existed of a mix of clay and sand, and it was pretty spongy but it provided a lot of grip and turned out to be very suitable for the classes.

With a little delay eventually the match started. The 350 kg, 500 kg stock as the 500 kg modifieds rode first, there were no Dutch competitors since these classes don't occur in our competition.

At around 19:00 the Compact Diesels started as last class of the day. A total of 14 machines from 5 countries came to the match. For the Netherlands there were 5 machines.

A starting tow for Minimum Risk that resulted in a nice, smooth Full Pull. In the first round there were no Full Pulls for the French Black Some that drove outside of the track, the Danish First Smoke because of an impetuous ride, the Cobra II that also drove a impetuous ride and sadly enough broke the rear axle and can't compete in the game anymore, the French Vince Power and also the Danish Generation X that both don't compete and the Risk II that had motor problems.

The Swiss JD Lil Benz did make a Full Pull but had a very wild and spectacular run where the front axle broke and a lot of fluids leaked, and so can't compete in the finals.

In the second qualification run does only the Risk II not get to the finals, despite some quick adjustments to the motor the power is lost halfway the run.

In the meantime it's gotten dark and the match has become a true evening match. It was a very exciting final with very (well audible) enthusiastic encouragements by nationals and crowd.

First one to drive is the Minimum Risk, and it puts the tow truck at 43,69 meters with a big pile of dirt in front of the tow truck. The Danish First Smoke is just a few centimeters short on this distance, the Red Devil from the Netherlands on the other hand beats the leading distance and puts the flag on 49,71 meters. Then the German JD Magic, with an amazing run with perfect balance and style that puts the flag even further on 49,73 meters. Next driver is the Flower Power from the Netherlands, they also make a great run. With a cone on the exhaust the flag is being put on 53,39 meters. In the end this turns out to be the winning distance, the other contestants push their machines to the limit but don't manage to pass the flag anymore.

text by Marc de Roo (NL)

Jaap Struyk,
Sep 13, 2012, 11:15 AM